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About us

A commuter, who travels regularly between home and work or school, expects the best when traveling be it getting back home from a hard day at work or leaving home early in the morning with a purpose that guarantees the well being of his family. The route to work in the morning impacts the employee's productivity at work through the day while his journey back home after a hard days work decides whether he gets to ease out spending some quality time with family and friends, or turns into a nagging complainant. At Ananya we ensure our clients and users are always at peace be it going to work, for the outlook and presentation of the driver, the standard and quality of vehicle provided and the driving skills of the driver are all positive motivators for the employees instead of a put off to perform to the best of their abilities helping them perform better. While the drop which boasts of timely presence, information on routes, check on condition of vehicles the politeness of people supporting the system ensures the employees do not miss on precious time for their family, giving them an opportunity to rejuvenate and come back to work the next day add up to productive employees. Processes that additionally improve our service offering Average Vehicle Occupancy (AVO). The number of people traveling by private passenger vehicles divided by the number of vehicles used complimented by the Average Vehicle Rideship (AVR). The ratio of all people traveling by any mode, including cars, buses, trains and bicycles (or telecommuting), in a given area during a given time period to the number of cars on the road. A key measure of the efficiency and effectiveness of a transportation network - the higher the AVR, the lower the level energy consumption and air pollution.


At Ananya we take interest and care to practise, what we preach and that is to make corporate travel professional and smooth for your  'Convenience on Wheels'

Ananya's corporate presence has blossomed in the recent past. More and more appreciating the quality of service as well as the most nominal costs are a favorite with most clients. In fact there are many from the corporate group who also utilize our services for individual and personal purposes. Ananya offers a lists of transport and logistics services for the below listed services:


caters to requirement where there is a need for equipment and people movement at an event or public gathering at nominal costs providing standards of corporate services. Vehicles can be booked for a day or the total duration of the planned event or program.

Package tours:

people wishing to utilize spare time to do a quick turnaround trip to a hill station or beach can easily avail some of the most efficient packages that Ananya provides packages, keeping the experience on top while expenses are down below, have a blast or soothen your senses.


Ananya provides logistics required for running successful campaigns, with efficient back up of vehicles, clients requesting for service can be sure the service never comes to a abrupt halt.

Our esteem clients:




Through years of effort and striving Annanya now boasts of the best talent the industry provides. A respected man in the industry Ranjeeth Jha was able to attract manpower who had earlier reported to him working for different agencies. The cumulative experience and exposure in the team is a bonus for all the clients as the services provided are world class without the client having to invest time and energy in the functioning of corporate people movement.


Ranjeet Kumar Jha

Managing Director

The man of the fields Mr. Jha is revered for his keen eye and understanding of operations. A rigorous 10years in operations has blessed the man with resources very few can garner. His distinctive reach within the industry guarantees he has the best of the force who work under him strictly abiding to procedures. An asset during times of unforeseen emergencies Mr.Jha promptly handles all concerns ensuring client satisfaction and smooth operation for DHL and Mahindra & Mahindra.


Chief Financial Officer

"Venkateshwaralu has work experience of over 15 years in Financial Planning & Analysis, Business Finance and helps Ananya Enterprises provide cost efficient and value driven solutions.;


Branch Manager

He is a result oriented individual and management professional with years of insightful experience he is a young and energetic person who is experienced and has excellent command on professional creative designing and operation programming on creative, team building and He monitors systems to streamline Accounts and business operations.

Ranjeet Jha's efforts are complimented by Pradeep K's organized approach as the branch manager. Taking steady strides Pradeep has risen the ladder of success and is an important member in the decision making process, looking at designing, programming, scheduling, employee orientation and team building.

Deepak Antony

Sales Manager

Having spent more than a decade in the areas of sales and marketing, Antony works on infrastructure needs of the company organizing a variety and fleet of vehicles as and when required. He oversees functioning of manpower in different streams of people transport, while simultaneously creating initiating programs to further compliment services provided to corporates. His marketing acumen helps design client responsive programs and plans keeping Ananya's interests, benefitting clients.

Manjunath J

Operation Manager

 Part of most major logistics businesses like M&M, Catterpillar, Manjunath is the person responsible for supply chain and logistics. His seven years with major's in the industry ensures he maintains standards and compliments Ananya's supply chain and logistics activities that identify and attract prospective clients and businesses.

Krishna M

Fleet Manager

A regular with Mahindra logistics, he has represented M&M catering to revered clients such as Dell, SG, Thomson. His young age is a advantage for Ananya as he polishes his skills and enthusiastically manages the different profiles of Ananya's clients without giving an opportunity to complain.

Prakash BR

Fleet manager

BR Honing his skills as operations in charge catering to clients like Juniper, Sasken, HP. His eight years of experience in the industry provides relief to the hierarchy as he is professional and committed to his responsibilities of operation in charge.

Sathyaraj D

Hub Manager

Handling the customer support profile, Sathyaraj is quick and efficient which is complimented by the 4 years of experience in the logistics industry. Many identify him as a future leader who would have a positive impact on Ananya's plans and programs.

Bhaskar Sinha

Accounts Manager

The very important profile that takes care of incomes, gains while recording the expenses and losses is handled by an equally important and dedicated accountants manager. Bhaskar, as he is fondly addressed has an experience of five years in the field of accounts and capably rotates company accounts to ensure minimal expenditure for maximum returns.