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Ananya Services

Corporate Employee movement :

At Ananya we place special emphasis on ensuring the traveling time for an employee for and back from work aligns with out tag line 'convenience on wheel'. Its not just the condition of car, the skills and attitude of people assisting the process are also regularly monitored and evaluated. Processes that additionally improve our service offering Average Vehicle Occupancy (AVO). The number of people traveling by private passenger vehicles divided by the number of vehicles used complimented by the Average Vehicle Rideship (AVR). The ratio of all people traveling by any mode, including cars, buses, trains and bicycles (or telecommuting), in a given area during a given time period to the number of cars on the road. A key measure of the efficiency and effectiveness of a transportation network - the higher the AVR, the lower the level energy consumption and air pollution.

Supply Chain Logistics:

Timely deliverables with attention to the way and mode for successful supply support chain ensures free movement of products from one location to the other, without causing damage or wear and tear. We do not claim to move mountains but whatever we possible can is done with utmost care and quality supervision.

On call, convenience on wheels: 

Individuals or entities tired of waiting for the driver to turn up even after the call that was made long ago can breathe in respite, as at Ananya all our clients be it individuals, small business entities or corporate conglomerates get the same standard of dedicated service without deviations as for us everyone who trusts us and our abilities is equally valuable. Do not believe, give us a call for on call service and we will demonstrate it for.





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